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CHAPTER C NEWS – March 2018

Chapter Social Date: Sunday, March 4, 2018

Social Location: Golden Corral, 580 S Koeller St, Oshkosh

Time: 10:00 a.m

Contact: Bob and Judy Von Rotz - 920-923-6495, 920-979-0282

Chapter Website: www.gwrra-wi-c.com


Activities From February

Feb 3 (Sat) - Chapter Social - Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant, Fond du Lac (25 Attended)

Feb 11 (Sun) - Sweet Heart's Gathering - Roxy, Oshkosh (28 Attended)

Feb 17 (Sat) - Pool Party - Jerry & Margie Hempe, Fond du Lac (17 Attended)


Activities for March

Mar 4 (Sun) - Chapter Social - Golden Corral, 580 S Koeller St, Oshkosh

Mar 10 (Sat) - MFA Course - Kohler (12 - 4 pm)

Mar 17 (Sat) - Casino Weekend - Black Bear Casino, MN (RSVP Missy Meath - meath67@gmail.com)

Mar 24 (Sat) - Chili Tasting Social - Ken & Leanne Hansen, Berlin (12 pm - RSVP)


Activities for April


Apr 7 (Sat) - WI District Operational Meeting, Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Apr 14 (Sat) - Chapter Social - Rolling Meadows Family Restaurant, Fond du Lac

Apr 14 (Sat) - Ride to follow Chapter Social - TBD

Apr 28 (Sat) - Maintenance Day - Jerry Hempe's Garage, 1029 Ashbury Ct, Fond du Lac

Apr 29 (Sun) - Chapter Social - Golden Corral, 580 SKoeller St, Oshkosh

Apr 29 (Sun) - Ride to follow Chapter Social

From The Directors:

Hi Everyone

February was a little ruff for us. The cold & flu season hit our family. It could have been worse, but thank someone that things did not turn worse. Unfortunately we missed the two socials in February because of the cold & flu and we heard it was a good time. Thanks for all the pictures on the website. We are still in the recovery mode and trying to catchup. Surprising how quickly you can fall behind. And how things have to keep moving forward.

Wow, March already, the riding season is getting closer. Plans were started at the end of 2017, and are continuing to come together for 2018.  Thoughts are starting to turn to our Ride. The toys we got for our ride over the winter, which need to be installed. Any maintenance things that need to be done. Thanks that we have a Maintenance Day in April.

Thanks and more to come next month.

Ride Smart & Be Safe!

Thank You, every one for the help and support.
Bob & Judy Von Rotz
Chapter C Directors

Rider Education:                                                                March 2018

I know this is only the month of March but spring is not that far off and most of us will already be starting to think about getting ready for the upcoming riding season.  Riding skills need to be sharpened after a long winter’s nap.  Our ARC and TRC rider courses are in full-swing now and both of them are important and beneficial to everyone.  I have always thought of our rider courses as a kind of “insurance policy”… the kind of insurance that helps to prevent accidents instead of paying for the damages after the fact.  The return on your investment in honing these rider skills can be much greater than you realize compared to the other kind of insurance… it is priceless.  Also, remember to check your gear once again before taking that 1st ride.  Helmets, leather gloves, and riding boots need to be replaced periodically.  Check to see if your riding jackets and pants still fit (ha-ha), as they seem to shrink every year (smile) as they hang in the closet over the winter.  A lot of these articles can still be found at discount prices both on-line and at some dealerships.  We are replacing our helmets this year after 5+plus yrs.  We are overdue.

Do you carry a first aid kit on your bike?  Open it up and see if anything needs replacing, or is missing, or out-of-date.  How about a small fire extinguisher… make sure it is not one for putting out paper fires… you should carry an electrical fire extinguisher… foam is better than water.  Tire patch kit—check to see that the patches are not brittle or cracked, and that the glue has not dried up.  Then again, most of us carry roadside assistance these days, making patch kits somewhat obsolete.  Finally let’s not forget our good ‘ole T-CLOCKs before we head on out for our rides.

We are a family of Gold Wing Riders, dedicated to our credo of:  FRIENDS for FUN, SAFETY & KNOWLEDGE, whatever the season, whether we’re on our bikes or driving our vehicles.  Drive Safe and Ride SAFE.

Bill-n-Mervi Bannasch
WI-Chapter C Educators                                                                         (saunabear2003@yahoo.com)                                                                                                  (mervifin@yahoo.com)                                                                                                  
(920) 312-4347 or (48)

From the Chapter Mascot - "C" More Wings
Hello to all my Chapter Friends

Riding season getting close.
Hope to see everyone soon.
Let’s be safe and ride.

Watch Facebook for my Posting.
See you soon.
“C” More Wings


March Birthday's

Mar 3 - Lynn Randall

Mar 7 - Chuck Quackenboss

Mar 8 -Chris Quackenboss

Mar 9 - Wayne Bauman

Mar 17 - Jon Urban

Mar 26 - Bruce Roehrborn

March Anniversary 

Mar 11 - Bill & Mervi Bannasch

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